When does work start, when does it end? Is life compartmentalized into “work” and “play”? I mean, apart from private “downtime”, of course, which is nobody’s business. But what about thinking, reading, talking, surfing?

When I’m surfing, am I doing so as a private individual or as a business woman? This blog is a product, too, even if it’s free. Oh, there must be a way to tell if it’s work or a hobby. Maybe there’s a special part of my brain that lights up when it’s work, and another when I’m just fooling around. Right? Rrrright.

I remember the definition of work in physics is the amount of energy transferred by a force acting through a distance. So work is whatever it takes to get the job done. Only, friends, what exactly is “the job”? For a freelancer in language services, “the job” is a series of projects, and nobody knows exactly what “the job” will be tomorrow. It might build on whatever I am fooling around with on the side today. Frankly, I don’t mind as long as I’m having fun … and as long as I can claim tax exemptions ;)

Do these questions puzzle you, too?