Hari and Uli forever


Bild: www.pixelio.de, Jürkas

So schaut Euer junges Bäumchen dann eines Tages aus :)

Take me home (Tom Waits)

Take me home
you silly girl/boy
put your arms around me
take me home
you silly girl/boy
all the world’s not round without you

I’m so sorry that I broke your heart
please don’t leave my side
take me home
you silly girl/boy
cause I’m still in love you

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2 thoughts on “Hari and Uli forever”

  1. Great, you’ve done it, yet again, Anne.

    He sings and plays so nicely – have you seen
    “Down by law” with Tom Waits?
    It’s one of my all time favourites.

    Enjoy the long weekend and – hopefully, the clouds will clear.
    Rain, rain, go to Spain etc.

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