I’ve given up one of my very favorite jobs, writing for Spotlight. It was a very sudden decision. I was spending too much time on each article and found that my love of writing was keeping me from dedicating enough time to teaching, which is my essential profession, to which writing is ancillary. It forms the basis of a project I’ve committed to, co-writing a book for college students, my focus in the coming months.

At junctures like this in professional development I find it helpful to go back to the Boston Consulting Growth-Share Matrix with its stars and cash cows and dogs and question marks. What began as a star 3 years ago and became my cash cow – writing – turned out to be costing me too much time and energy to develop new stars. My actual cash cows are translating and my Back Office compact courses for Management Circle and the Akademie für Sekretariat und Management Assistenz.

My new star is the area of specific skills academics need. This is not the same thing as running extensive courses in giving presententations and writing, which I did in Munich. These are compact skills training sessions, targeted and concise. The extensive side of things, I hope, will emerge over time, building through subsequent workshops, and in collaboration with other advisors, thanks to the LMS that we’ll be using as a moderated communication platform. I would have loved to work with Confluence, which Christian advocates, but the uni already has Moodle.

I’ve got a question mark, too: Coaching and training professors and assistant professors to give their courses in English.