In his new album, Eric Clapton has interpreted a wide range of great roots music. Jamie Keddie has just created a lovely lesson on his relaunched lesson site, Lessonstream, built around a song that Clapton reinterpets beautifully on the album, How Deep is the Ocean, and which Jamie uses to teach questions with.

In the song I’ve chosen for you here, Clapton adds electric grit. It’s alongside the original recording by Lil’ Son Jackson.

My question for you: The lyrics are rather mysterious:

I ain’t gonna tell nobody what that Santa Fe have done for me
If you want to know baby, you sure have to come and see.
81′s in the yard, 82′s out on the road
81 makes you a living, 82 puts you out the door
Nobody knows my trouble but the good Lord above
Well you know just how I feel if you ever have been in love.
You know I can’t go down that big road by myself
If you won’t come with me I can’t take nobody else
(or Clapton’s version: …I’ll carry somebody else)

Who or what do you think 82 and 81 are? Your speculations are welcome!

Eric Clapton’s version

Lil’ Son Jackson’s original:

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