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The future of business English trainers

Posted by Anne on September 26th, 2011

I’m thinking about professional development, where the next years will take me. At the moment there is a lot of work to prepare for a few compact seminars, and more translation work for a client, so I’m not exactly unemployed. Still, having gone through the Trinity DipTESOL (still have to write up two papers, but […]

Aki Kaurismaki: Le Havre

Posted by Anne on September 25th, 2011

What a beautiful film. A social fairytale about a shoeshiner, his wife and friends in le Havre, and a refugee who happens into their midst. Breathtaking. Sidesplitting. Gentle. Melancholy. True. The news is all bad, but human nature? Slow down, and there is room for hope. When we came out of the cinema I couldn’t […]

Compare and contrast

Posted by Anne on September 23rd, 2011

Thanks Helmut. There’s a personal story that goes with this, as you can well imagine. My first present from my husband was a… Blog challenge! Please join in and add two similar but different pictures to your blog! Brad Patterson had the nice idea after I’d posted this. Looking forward to seeing your pictures. The […]

Limericks and the life of an English teacher

Posted by Anne on September 19th, 2011

Stan Carey of the Sentence First blog and the MacMillan blog and sundry other lingusitic habitats is holding a limerick competition – yeah! – and there are some really great ones there, don’t miss them. Deadline: September 21st. My contributions are a bit dour for limericks, but such is the life of an English teacher: […]

Grammar Guru: is to or has to?

Posted by Anne on September 19th, 2011

Newspapers like the New York Times are reporting that Obama wants to introduce $1.5 trillion in new taxes to help reduce the country’s debt. Combined with his new $450 billion stimulus plan, he is taking a more populist approach to confronting the nation’s economic problems. He wants to call it the “Buffett Rule” for Warren […]

Finish your partner’s sentences

Posted by Anne on September 8th, 2011

I was just on Facebook to Stew when I stumbled across a video… and bingo, here’s a nice task for you learners: Tell a story about something two of you did together. OK, you don’t really have to have done this, ok? You can make it up – invent it. So: It should be a […]

Job interview

Posted by Anne on September 5th, 2011

For the Trinity assessed lesson, my class did job interviews. I can warmly recommend the topic to other teachers who have to do a Trinity diploma or DELTA assessed lesson, especially if your class is as motivated as ours was, and job interviews are in fact on their agenda. It obviously helps to choose a […]