We’ve had such bizarre trouble with our landline for weeks now, with virtual repairmen who didn’t show up and left messages with the helpline hours later. My work was piling up, and my blood pressure was rising. And then the MacBook Pro had trouble with the software on the Vodafone mobile stick that I was going online with.

So push came to shove and on Saturday, with Helmut off on a business trip down South, I decided to get things fixed. I bought a “Portable WLAN Hot Spot” (TrekStor) that I can go online with. It’s essentially like the Fritzbox we would otherwise use (which ordinarily hooks up to the landline, DSL) in that it allows any laptop in the vicinity to log in, with the access code, and go online on my T-Mobile contract.

The only trouble is that the amount of data transmitted is far more limited than with the fast DSL connection we had ordered. It slows things down incredibly. I tried a few Skype calls, and you’re lucky if the conversation works. I hope it won’t be a big problem. But, for example, some downloads are just too big to go through wireless.

Still, after all the trouble we had I’m playing with the idea of getting rid of the landline alltogether. It sure would save a lot of money.

I’ve also splurged on an iPad. I’ll be teaching large college classes, and I want to be able to go online easily. At the TH Wildau they have a Moodle I’m supposed to use–, and I also want to show nice presentations. I’ll need to get my materials tidied up for the Moodle anyway, so then I can also put them into the iTunes format the iPad needs.

Anyway, I’m tickled pink to have successfully set up a local network, however weak the data stream. I’ve even sorted out my passwords. So I’m feeling quite the sys admin today!