Exit Science: Transition Coaching for Scientists

What next? So you have earned your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. You will soon have defended your thesis. Your post-doctoral employment contract can not be extended. There are many alternatives to an academic career. But how do you transition into a new field of work?

This series of group coaching sessions offers you a well-organized framework to discover your pathway and launch your career outside academia.

Exit Science is a series of 6 monthly group coaching sessions for scientists seeking new fields of employment. Using approaches from solution-focused coaching, you will apply proven tools for self-reflection and potential development for support in discovering where you want to go. Topics range from discovering your competences, resources and goals to discussing your adaptability in the new working environment and identifying potential areas of development.

We will coach you together: Wera Schmidt, Research Assistant at the University of Potsdam, personal, business and team coach. Anne Hodgson, bilingual trainer, career transition consultant and coach.

Bilingual flexibility: Depending on the needs of the participants, coaching will be in German or English or even bilingual. In science, where English is the lingua franca, international academics will often be able to express themselves better in English than in German. German scientists may need English at work and will be grateful for the opportunity to use both languages. As a bilingual tandem, Wera and Anne can split the group along language lines during a session if that becomes necessary and makes sense.

Dates: 28 May 2018, 18 June 2018, 23 July 2018, 20 August 2018, 17 September 2018, 15 October 2018.
If you can’t make an appointment, that’s no problem, but continuous participation is recommended for the most effective results.

Time: 17-20 o’clock

Costs: By arrangement

Place: BIF Berliner Institut für Famililientherapie, Dudenstraße 10, 10965 Berlin

Information and registration: phone 0179/ 4686249 or email anne.hodgson@t-online.de