No Genius

symmMath! It seems to me that no subject (except maybe English) can frustrate so many learners. My friend Vanessa, who had a hand in creating the ix-quadrat math exhibit at the TUM, has taught me that children start out with mathematical gifts but lose them in school. So: what goes wrong? Continue reading No Genius

Pizza EU

I confess: I love pizza – the pizza service kind. Finding good recipes and cooking a fine, wholesome meal is great, and so is going out for dinner. But sometimes nothing beats snuggling up with my sweetheart and eating something we’ve ordered through the internet, which some poor bugger has to climb five flights of stairs to bring us.

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Blackbird Singing

These past days I’ve been waking up early. A slipped disk makes lying awake painful, so I find myself at 4am sitting by the open window with a soothing cup of tea and listening to the blackbirds singing. There are two of them, and they sing at intervals.

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Are you game?

Computer games are intelligent reductions of reality to focus on a given challenge. Their key strength is that they allow users to learn from failure in a safe setting. The relatively young serious games movement is using this principle to help learners overcome fears Continue reading Are you game?

Do it Right

I think, therefore I am. So it’s great fun to teach English to people who apply their minds to developing interesting concepts — for example, that buildings have skin. Like our own skin, a building’s skin protects it, lets it breathe, allows in the right amount of light and regulates indoor-outdoor temperature differences.

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A Valentine to Animal

In case you’re wondering, “Animal” is one of the Muppets. My favorite Muppet, in fact. Frank Oz, his creator, said that Animal is about sex, sleep, food, drums and pain. Sometimes Animal eats his drums, so food is not all that important. Animal was cult when I was a teen, so I’ve decided to write him a valentine. Continue reading A Valentine to Animal

The Ultimate Kick

Last year, a couple of cool dudes on hot bikes took the long way down from the top of Scotland to the tip of Africa. What a trip! They rode powerful, high end motorcycles through fourteen countries, working their way down dirt roads to remote villages, with physical hardship and extreme terrain all the way.

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