Tinariwen, Justin Adams, Juldeh Camara

Tinariwen is a band from Mali whose music has become “the soundtrack for a whole generation of exiled Touareg youth, living a hand-to-mouth existence in exile in Algeria and Libya.” Their signature sound comes from transposing traditional Touareg melodies on the electric guitar and mixing in blues, rock, pop, berber and arabic sounds. They have opened for the Rolling Stones, and are now touring with Justin Adams (guitar player with Robert Plant) and Juldeh Camara (from Gambia, playing the one-stringed violin, the ritti), who have just collaborated on a great album, Soul Science. Medicine for your ears. Here are a few music videos to wet your appetite. Continue reading Tinariwen, Justin Adams, Juldeh Camara

Plant + Krauss = Raising Sand

Raising Sand is a duet collaboration between rock legend Robert Plant and country/bluegrass superstar Alison Krauss. The brains behind the project is T Bone Burnett, who explains: “The idea was to take them both out of their comfort zone – to take us all out of our comfort zones” (5:30) Here’s a video about the making of this unique album: Continue reading Plant + Krauss = Raising Sand