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Anne Hodgson
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Welcome! Born in Washington DC in 1961, I grew up bilingual on Capitol Hill and came to Germany to study in Konstanz in 1981. Further stops along the way were Berlin before the wall came down, the German Hygiene Museum in Dresden, an intercultural archaeological museum project in Singen, and my launch into the world of teaching English in Siegen. After ten years as an English trainer, translator and author in Munich, I moved north to Potsdam and Berlin in 2010.

I’ve been teaching English communication in business and academia since 1998, shifting into intercultural communication skills training and coaching and career transition consulting. My clients currently include


My seminars USA: Check it out and Germany: Check it out for Lufthansa Flight Training GmbH through my partner Consilia CCT aim to enable German and international flight attendants and pursers to better understand, empathize with and serve their passengers, avoiding and repairing any possible misunderstandings with passengers, colleagues and supervisors.

In my 10 years in Munich, my key clients included Ludwig Maximilian Universität and ClimateDesign, the Department of Building Climatology at the Technische Universität, and international companies such as BMW, Morphosys and Archon Group, along with over 20 other SMEs. My experience working for the German Mittelstand went into my course book consulting and writing:


Basis for Business Coursebook C1, Cornelsen, February 2014.
co-authored with Carole Eilertson, edited by Janan Barksdale.
Downloads for teachers and learners

On the publication of this volume, the Basis for Business book series won a 2014 BELMA (Best European Learning Materials) award for learning materials. The jury said:

“The intercultural approach that takes into consideration global business contexts (in this series) is very strong: it exposes students to different native and non-native English speech patterns and the material highlights cross-cultural differences and intercultural issues like directness/politeness or negotiating practices. (…) Transferability from classroom to real-life is particularly well treated. The material presents relevant, real-life and up-to-date business contexts and it encourages students to bring their own work situation and experiences into the lesson.”

I also provide 2-day intensive training to help personal and team assistants  communicate more effectively and achieve results. For Management Circle my seminars have included International Competences and Communication Skills and Business English for Assistants (see sample flyer).


Long-standing clients include IHK München (sample), Odgers Berndtson (sample) and Abwasserverband Starnberger See (sample). My most extensive recent project was the bilingual EnergyXchange (Beuth Verlag) edited by Dr. Petra Liedl.

Author and Consultant for English as a foreign language

From 2008 to 2010 I wrote language exercises at Spotlight Online, where I also supported the online relaunch. In 2013 I was a part of the Headway relaunch in Germany, for OUP. I also advise on new course books for Cornelsen. In addition, I provide these partners with teacher-training workshops.

Education and Training 

Following my M.A. in History and Political Science and work as a museum exhibitions coordinator/ public programs, I completed a series of train-the-trainer courses to become a communication skills trainer, including LCCI CertTEB (Certificate in Teaching English for Business) and DipTESOL from Trinity College London, as well as Intercultural Competence certification. I am currently working towards a certificate in systemic coaching and business mediation.


My blog is a professional record of my journey as an English communication skills trainer and translator in Germany.

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