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Career Coaching and Mediation

Individual coaching 2

Conversations on Leadership and Communication

How do you communicate on the job? Is something muddying your messages and keeping you back professionally and personally? Perhaps it is not the language as such. Coaching will help you have a conversation with yourself to identify and question any issues that are keeping you from getting out from behind yourself and into the conversations that matter. It will help you envision and initiate the changes you want to make so that you can take on a new challenge and lead with aplomb.

Systemic coaching

Systemic coaching considers you in relation to your context – your human social systems (family, personal relationships, team, company) – and considers the dynamics in these constellations. Coaching aims to strengthen your ability to use your resources and competencies and to increase your options moving forward. If you are facing a challenge or change, systemic coaching will help you gain clarity and make better decisions.

Your sparring partner

As a certified coach (Systemische Gesellschaft), I remain unbiased and give you the time and space to get in touch with yourself. You are the expert in your life, so I don't advocate for a specific interpretation or solution. Having an attentive and empathic listener asking you the tough questions will enable you to discover what it is you need to do. Then you can focus on setting your new agenda, and move toward it step by step.