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You’re looking for a trainer or coach? I’d love to hear from you – by phone 0179/ 46 86 249 or email hello@annehodgson.de. I train and coach individuals and groups working in an international professional environment in Germany to meet their career challenges, with a special focus on effective and persuasive communication in English. This is how I got here:

Anne Hodgson

I grew up bilingual in a transatlantic German-American family in 1960s/70s Washington DC. After studying Political Science and History, I worked as a museum curator and program coordinator. Teaching English was a side job, really, until I realized in 1998 that it was my calling.

Since setting up my own business, I’ve trained individuals and groups in well over 40 companies and numerous universities across Germany. I’ve also specialized in educational design, authoring online learning materials (e.g. for Spotlight) and a business English coursebook (Cornelsen).

When we moved from Munich to Berlin in 2010, I refocused on the needs of post-graduate scientists, teaching presentation skills to secure project funding and scientific writing for publication. In both academia and the business world, my professional aim has always been to promote good intercultural relations and healthy polycultures.

To that end I provide soft skills training in English and German, teaching e.g. intercultural communication, persuasion, de-escalation, mediation, and storytelling. I have gained extensive experience training international cabin crew. I have also been privileged to support a wide range of international managers seeking new jobs, as well as their potential employers.

To communicate effectively, I believe that people need to know themselves and their counterparts. They also need to understand the hows of communication in their area. Wanting to provide this more holistic service, I certified in systemic coaching – an approach that reflects on our relationships and how we behave and adjust them, and within them. So today, next to straight language and communication skills training, I engage in individual and team coaching.

Individual coaching 2
Team constellations: The rhino in the room

My international academic clients use English as a lingua franca to express their own cultural and linguistic identity. When they need an editor/translator, I assure that the texts they produce (spoken and written, monologues and dialogues) meet the highest standards of their chosen community of practice, and clearly reflect the message they mean to convey to their international audience (academic and popular science publications).

My background is in the social sciences, and my expertise is in adult education, language learning/ teaching methods, science communication, facilitation, and mediation, as well as coaching/ psychology, with experience in companies and scientific institutions. I teach university seminars in translation, academic and scientific writing, presenting, job application and interview, storytelling, and intercultural communication – all of which I consider to be business-related transferable skills.

I am always developing professionally and expanding my skills, taking inspiration for my work from sailing, gardening, the theater and fine arts, and literature. I believe in servant leadership and seek to inspire trust, enable freedom, promote learning and growth, and to help you deal with your worries and fears to meet your challenges. 

With me, you know you’ll be focusing on your immediate and mid-term goals, and that I’ll be in it with you for the long journey.

About me - Meet Anne


Following an M.A. in History and Political Science and work as a museum exhibitions coordinator in research and public programs, I completed certificates in communication skills training including the LCCI Certificate in Teaching English for Business, DipTESOL from Trinity College London, and several intercultural communication courses. I completed a two year course in Systemic Coaching and Business Mediation (cert SG 2020).


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