Communication Coaching

Confident professional Communication

It takes more than a common language to communicate effectively in view of global diversity and when faced with complex, uncertain, ambiguous situations. Build your soft skills to get the hard work done.

Soft skills for professionals

Workshops for teams at the customer-facing front of your organization, as your company expands, becomes more diverse, and you need to build your resilience
• Intercultural communication and mediation • Deescallation, conflict resolution, and self-management • Persuasion and politeness • Sales, or: Never split the difference • Feedback

Professional skills for academics

Softskills labs for undergraduates, postgraduates, and postdocs • Job applications and interviews • Storytelling and “story listening” • Presenting to other scientists and across disciplines • Science communication• Intercultural communication and mediation • Thinking tools and frameworks • Better conversations for better teamwork

Communication coaching: Team posters