Flying with the Penguins

“Last winter, I found a penguin,” explains the storyteller. He says that the penguin knew how to fly until “he met some other birds. They said, ‘Penguins can’t fly.’ And he thought, ‘They’re right.’ That’s when he crashed.” Lots of coaching follows, but the penguin just can’t do it. Then, incredibly, he sees a flock of flying penguins (!) and without thinking about it, just goes ahead. “Suddenly, my penguin stretched out his wings, pushed off, and joined them in the air. He flew pretty well… for a penguin.” – Sebastian Meschenmoser, Fliegen Lernen (German 2005, English 2006) Continue reading Flying with the Penguins

Green Time

Red TIME magazine came in green last week. It’s a “Special Environmental Issue”, and the effect of the cover in complemetary green is visually striking. Kudos to TIME Art Director Arthur Hochstein. This is only the second edition ever to depart from the iconic red border (a black rimmed edition followed September 11th), so TIME is making quite a statement here. Unfortunately, the title is “How to Win the War On Global Warming”, and Bryan Walsh’s title story builds on this martial imagery. Is this the only approach we can take to a real challenge? On the other hand, I appreciate the creative impulse to break the mold of ecology being “soft”. That’s edgy, and it’s telling it like it is. Continue reading Green Time

Simply beautiful

When is the last time you went to a meeting and saw a presentation that knocked your socks off? It’s a rare occurrence, isn’t it? Generally we sit there and suffer Death by Powerpoint. As we watch slide after slide, we either know what’s coming, so it’s a waste of time, or we don’t understand what the point of it all is. And let me tell you, if you’re presenting in English it’s worse for your foreign listeners. Continue reading Simply beautiful