The Obama stampede

Frank Rich has written a brilliant, analytical editorial describing the stampede to join the Obama camp in “How Obama Became Acting President” (NYT 27 July 2008). McCain has lost a lot of ground this month as Obama turns, more and more, into the man of the moment.

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Gershwin: Summertime

Summertime is an aria by George Gershwin from his opera, Porgy and Bess, first performed in 1935. I saw the Houston Grand Opera’s production of Porgy and Bess in 1976/7 which revived Porgy and Bess as a complete opera. This lullaby unites the original Ukrainian folk melody with jazz and opera. Here are a few interpretations that I simply adore and that show off this song’s versatility. Do you have a favorite?
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John McCain: Thanks for the question, you little jerk

mccain-vanityfairThis fake cover made fun of things Senator McCain is, whereas the famous New Yorker cover made fun of things Senator Obama is not. Oof. Ageism is the chauvinism of youth, and Senator McCain has had to defend himself (which he does with humor, see video below).  He’s funny, and yes, his age is funny, too. There’s a website dedicated to Things Younger than McCain. The way I see it, John McCain is not really old, but he certainly is old enough to be what we call an “elder statesman“. Known for wisdom, not new ideas. I’ll be happy to see Senator McCain anyplace but in the White House. Because age is not the real issue here. But come on, now, let’s have a few laughs:
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Khaled Hosseini: A Thousand Splendid Suns

a-thousand-splendid-sunsWhen I first opened this book and started reading in the middle, there was so much brutality that I thought, no, there is no way I’m going to read this. But then I started properly at the beginning, and I fell in love with it from page to page. It’s this marvellous type of book that’s like a dream and pulls you in, because it’s got this old way of storytelling that comes from the Orient, you know: that old tradition that had Scheherazade telling stories that kept her king interested and her alive for the 1001 nights.

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Obamania in Berlin

changeThe main event (see 3 min. video on BBC):
“Yes, there have been differences between America and Europe. No doubt there will be differences in the future. But the burdens of global citizenship continue to bind us together. A change of leadership in Washington will not lift this burden. In this new century Americans and Europeans alike will be required to do more, not less.

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Obama jokes

super-obamaHave you noticed how few jokes there are about Obama? A man you cannot make fun of has a definite problem. He needs change! If you hear or read an Obama joke, please post it under comments. German, French, Arabic, Kisuahili, etc. welcome.

We know the battle to find humor in Obama will be long, but always remember that no matter what obstacles stand in our way, nothing can stand in the way of the power of millions of voices calling for laughter. Yes, we can! 😉

So here are some of the jokes the comedians have been making (more, please).  Mouse over the highlighted words to find translations.

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