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Let’s Talk Business workshop

Posted by Anne on October 12th, 2014

It was a good challenge to give a workshop on B1-C1 books to teachers whose mainstay are A1-2 learners. The teachers were great, and jumped into things. We did 4 activities that let them walk in their students’ shoes in terms of feeling what that sort of activity is like. I think we need to […]

“Today at the Frankfurt Book Fair the Basis for Business series was awarded a bronze medal in the annual Best European Learning Materials Award (BELMA) competition. We’re delighted the series has received this international recognition and would like to take the opportunity to thank you all once again for your excellent contributions to this highly […]

PowerPot – An English lesson for e-lab technicians

Posted by Anne on October 6th, 2014

Imagine that you’re on a camping trip out in the wild, far away from buildings with power socket. You can’t connect any equipment to the power supply. Your mobile phone needs recharging. Luckily, you and your friends have invented a device that will let you recharge it. What technology is it based on? What spare parts do […]

The IATEFL BESIG Summer Symposium was a wonderfully intimate event with a wide range of excellent presentations. On Friday, Evan Frendo provided the excellent keynote, Exploring business English. He’s got a clear vision that is enormously helpful to anyone working in the field. Then I went to Simona Petrescu’s presentation on how to create a […]

I couldn’t make IATEFL, so it’s really great that some of the sessions are recorded and uploaded. I particularly enjoyed David Heathfield’s workshop “Storytelling and Mental Imagery”. The flow of the lesson he proposes is great. He has learners listening to the teacher tell the story visualizing the highpoint of the story with a partner+ […]

How to die a social media death

Posted by Anne on March 18th, 2014

Countless media bloopers, some with repercussions, have caused me to die little social media deaths. By “social media death” I mean that sinking sensation that I’ve done something that will turn my social networks against me. When Twitter was still young, I would lie in bed at night thinking “Have I thanked XYZ for their […]

Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing, Twitter

Posted by Anne on March 7th, 2014

After a year off social media, I’ve rejoined Facebook because so many of my peers are networking there, and I really felt I was missing out. Things like organizing meetups are happening there, or news on who is going to which conference, but also people having children and getting married, and career changing events like […]