MadTV’s Apple iPad

A: Lindsay! Great job in the sales meeting! – Hey, do you have a pad I can borrow? B: Sure! Here you go! A: No, you know, the ‘other’ kind of pad. B: I can’t believe you still use maxipads. A: I know, I just… I have a narrow cervix, so it’s painful for me […]

Dick Martin pick-up line

“Hey, listen, Cathy, why don’t we go up to my place tonight? You know, I’m a marvellous cook.” “Really? What’s your specialty?” “______________.” PS: How embarassing: The name is Dick, not Dean. Thanks, Meg, for setting me straight!

Goldie Hawn on Laugh-In

Let’s continue our conversation about Laugh-In up here. Chris was saying that he was watching Laugh-In “from the conformity of suburban London”. Well, Washington, DC was also not exactly California, either, and Laugh-In (1968-73) was a revelation to little-girl-me, too, and gave me the specific sense of humor I have. It’s just hit me that […]

Tiny Tim: Tiptoe through the tulips

My niece left us again today, sadly, and she left us a lovely bouquet of orange tulips. We’d talked about how valuable tulips were in the 16th and 17th century, when the bulbs that we consider commonplace were very rare and were traded for enormous sums of money. The tulip mania led to especially frenzied […]

Philippe Jaroussky – Ambronay 2008

A delightfully funny concert by countertenor Philippe Jaroussky to put a smile on your face and take you in paradiso. Anon: Ciaccona di Paradiso et dell’Inferno and Claudio Monteverdi: Ohimè, ch’io cado. From Isabella.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I’ve been away from the US for so long that I’ve got a few blind spots regarding US popular culture. But I’m working on it! One of the things I truly regret missing are some of the better TV series, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer (March 1997 until May 2003). Just the snippets of teen […]


“We gotta save the space station!!” My new favorite channel on YouTube 🙂