SAP stock down 16%

This news article contains a lot of financial bad news vocabulary we will unfortunately be confronted with in the coming year or so. I guess it’s not a bad idea to get used to using it correctly. Note the false friends: English German stark = ungeschönt stark = strong loan = Darlehen Lohn = salary […]

Crisis explained

Paddy Hirsch gives a bubbly explanation of collateralized debt obligations, i.e. the financial instruments that got us into this financial mess. Found on Presentation Zen, a site dedicated to good presentations.  Source: Marketplace Financial Crisis 101.

H.L.Mencken on crooked banks

“When five sound banks,” said the Hon. Mr. Landon, “must pay the loss of one rotten one, the drain on the five necessarily impairs their strength. One of them breaks under the strain and the remaining four are weakened by the added strain, and so on.” … The federal insurance scheme has worked up to […]