Ted Kennedy

Senator Edward Kennedy is suffering from a malignant brain tumor. Nevertheless, he came to the Democratic National Convention in Denver to unite the divided party, speaking out for health care as a basic right, and not a privilege. He’s an inspiring old lion of a senator who has spent his political career redeeming the great […]

RIP George Carlin

Another one bites the dust. Comedian George Carlin (May 12, 1937- June 22, 2008) was a very funny guy who hated bigotry. The first host of Saturday Night Live, he said, “I think it is the duty of the comedian to find out where the line is drawn and cross it deliberately.” Noone understood better […]

Bob Dylan wins Pulitzer Prize

“A Special Citation to Bob Dylan for his profound impact on popular music and American culture, marked by lyrical compositions of extraordinary poetic power.” (Pulitzer) A good excuse to listen to some of his best performances.

Drifting on Music

http://annehodgson.de/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/drifting-on-music.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadI guess in my life it’s always been the guitar player who gets the girl. When I’m feeling blue or stressed out and I want to drop my defenses and relax, there’s just nothing like good guitar music to take me there.

Falling from Grace

http://annehodgson.de/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/fallingfromgrace.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadOne of the projects that has inspired me over the years is Nicholas Negroponte’s One Laptop Per Child. He set out in 2005 with the vision of designing a fully functional $100 laptop for children in emerging economies. Quitting his job as the head of MIT’s Media Lab, he […]