GEZ, GEMA and the art of freelance training

Good news for freelancers: We don’t have to pay extra GEZ for our office computer. Since computers are multimedia devices, GEZ originally wanted to charge the fee levied for the use of radios and TVs on computers. The decision passed down two days ago has stopped that. But wait…

Bad news for freelance English teachers: You do know, don’t you, that you still have to pay GEZ on that little audio player you take to class. Yes, even if it’s just an mp3 player and you downloaded your files from the BBC rather than ZDF or ARD. Or if all your player contains are files transferred from a CD that you paid for yourself. You’re paying for what your device can potentially do. I know, it pisses me off, too. The good news: If you are already paying GEZ for another device you use privately, like your TV or radio, you don’t have to pay extra for your media player.

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