We are the President

Election year in the States is a lot of fun and excitement. Though I live in Germany and love it here, I can’t imagine giving up my US citizenship to become German mostly because of my wish to vote in the presidential elections.

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Falling from Grace

One of the projects that has inspired me over the years is Nicholas Negroponte’s One Laptop Per Child. He set out in 2005 with the vision of designing a fully functional $100 laptop for children in emerging economies. Quitting his job as the head of MIT’s Media Lab, he set up a project team, fired up the open source community and won over heads of state from Nigeria to Uruguay and corporations from Quanta Computers to Intel for his educational project – an amazing feat.


Image: wikipedia.org

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A while ago we had a little domestic crisis involving our espresso machine. It had been steaming and dripping and making little explosive noises, so Helmut went out and bought an exploratory screwdriver. I was worried. “What about the warranty?” “No, let me just tinker with it and I’ll find the leak myself!” Famous last words. Continue reading Tinkering

Zoning in

Christmas is a great time for reading. Thanks to Fabian for passing on John Coetzee’s “Diary of a Bad Year” to me. He found the book hard to read because it’s written as a journal kept by three different people in parallel, so each page is divided into separate sections and voices that continue through the book and make the reader jump from one perspective to another. Continue reading Zoning in