Goodbye, red marble

I hear NASA has found water on Mars (BBC).”This is the first time Martian water has been touched and tasted,” says William Boynton, mission scientist. That’s progress: Pretty marbles become habitats. Are we really gearing up to go to Mars?
When my dad was a boy in the 1920s, children still thought the moon was made of green cheese, like in the Wallace and Gromit film, “A great day out”.  And it’s nice to know Surveyor works, not like some of Wallace’s  inventions: Continue reading Goodbye, red marble

The pleasant poetry of Genesis

the creation of adam

The 1925 trial against John Scopes for teaching the theory of evolution in Tennessee was the first U.S. trial to be broadcast on national radio and is still making waves. Today many of the states in the US require public schools to teach the creation of the world according to the book of Genesis on par with Darwin’s theory of evolution. Continue reading The pleasant poetry of Genesis