Purcell: Dido’s Lament

Dear Senator Clinton,
Life goes on. We will have a Madam President one day. I certainly would have liked it to be Hillary Clinton. So here is the ultimate woman’s lament. Left behind, Queen Dido cries her heart out. Sing along and have a good, angry cry. Don’t just hop onto Senator Obama’s vice-presidential ticket as if you had won. You know that won’t work, not without properly acknowledging that you lost. Maybe you will be Vice-President, but not if you keep up this preposterous act. So, Senator, go over to the Onion and have a good laugh about it all and get back your sense of perspective. Because we need you, dear Senator, and we need you for the long run.
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We are the President

Election year in the States is a lot of fun and excitement. Though I live in Germany and love it here, I can’t imagine giving up my US citizenship to become German mostly because of my wish to vote in the presidential elections.

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