Charlotte Gainsbourg, daughter of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg,  won best actress Cannes 2009 for Lars van Trier’s totally horrifying “Antichrist” after having gone through brain surgery (9/2007). These doubtlessly destabilizing experiences have gone into her collaboration with Beck on her album IRM. The “Heaven can wait” song video (Keith Schofield) gives us “the dregs of the world”, the freaks noone wants: guys with a nacho bomb; a pancake monster; a gangster in a lousy Sponge Bob costume; a man being chased by an axe with a mind of its own. Nothing and noone you’d want to meet in your dreams. Thank you, Ms. Gainsbourg and Beck, for a dark, experimental, gorgeous album.

sediment that has settled at the bottom of a liquid (e.g. dregs of wine); residue or remains; British slang: a despicable person


She’s sliding, she’s sliding down to the dregs of the world
She’s fighting, she’s fighting the urge to make sand out of pearls

Heaven can wait and hell’s too far to go
Somewhere between what you need and what you know
And they’re trying to drive the escalator into the ground

She’s hiding, she’s hiding on a battleship of baggage and bones
There’s thunder, there’s lightning in an avalanche of faces you know


You left your credentials in a greyhound station
with a first aid kit and a flashlight
Going to a desert unknown

CHORUS interview

PS: If you decide to buy the album, get the deluxe edition on iTunes for the interesting interviews with Charlotte and Beck.

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