We’re looking for a new place to live and work. Today we saw the first place that was love at first sight. It’s in Friedrichshain, which is hopping, not too far from where Helmut works, and we can get to by subway. The place itself is a split-level apartment out back. The graffiti outside on Samariterstraße is awesome. Some shops have their whole front graffitied, and this isn’t just a bit of spraying, masters of the can are at work. The whole area is being developed, but I think graffiti belongs here and will be back. Anyway, the place we looked at would be my office downstairs, and we’d sleep upstairs. An industrial-style staircase leads upstairs. A small area out front to put some big planters for a bit of a patio. A small terrace upstairs. Very open living. We’d have a guest bed on a hung ceiling that we could build in, with a ladder leading up. No walls. Like a factory floor. What do you think?