Kate Rusby

Musical discovery in Chris’ advent calendar (thank you!). Her Christmas albums Sweet Bells and While Mortals Sleep are taking Helmut and me both back to our roots, which is truly puzzling, because our roots are so very different and nowhere even remotely near South Yorkshire. Perhaps time to take a trip there?

Christmastime’s a-comin’: Bluegrass, Ska, Cajun

Bill Monroe sings Christmastime’s A-Comin’ (lyrics below), then Bob Marley sings White Christmas, followed by Harry Fonteneau with a Cajun rendition of Silent Night. by Tex Logan Oh, Christmastime’s a-comin’ Christmastime’s a-comin’ Christmastime’s a-comin’ And I know I’m goin’ home Snow flake’s a-fallin’ My old heart’s a-callin’ Tall pine’s a-hummin’ ‘Cause Christmastime’s a-comin’ Can’t you […]

Cassandra Wilson: Winter Solstice Nights

Cassandra Wilson: Winter Solstice Nights Let me rest my head upon your shoulder Let me lie my body in your bed Oh, I’m longing for to see you On these winter solstice nights when the stars are shining bright Won’t you please leave on your lights of gold and red? Won’t you please leave on […]

Michael Kiwanuka: I’m Getting Ready

A soul prayer from Michael Kiwanuka (2012). Thank you, Christoph. Oh my, I didn’t know what it means to believe Oh my, I didn’t know what it means to believe But if I hold on tight, is it true? Would You take care of all that I do? Oh Lord, I’m a getting ready to […]

Joy. I’m done

I’m done. The book is done, as far as I am concerned. It’s off to the printers on 18 December. Oh, joy. Now I’m ready for Christmas. Tracey Thorn: Joy From: Tinsel and Lights (2012) When someone very dear Calls you with the words “Everything’s all clear” That’s what you want to hear But you […]