Running on empty

It’s been a bit of a Formula 1 week and the race isn’t over yet. But I’ve just enjoyed a pitstop to plan and book a few days outside the circuit. Need to refuel properly and spin my wheels before I cruise back into the action. Quiet pitstop musings: A pretty clip from “What Dreams […]

Hot rod

Thanks, Rod, for this video about a new kind of hot rod (hehe, sorry, couldn’t resist), the fastest street-legal electric car. “The beamer (=BMW) lost against the zombie.” I just wonder: this racing uses up a lot of electricity, so it’s not the “greener” car at this speed, is it? PS: This is a great […]

Blue Thunderbird

Rod sent me this: “BTW — the gold Cadillac is beautiful and there are an amazing number of wonderfully restored US vintage cars around Munich. They show up at various shows from time to time. The blue T-Bird was on Theresienwiese last June along with hundreds of other wonderful pieces. Got a bit nostalgic.” Wow, […]

Gold Cadillac

Detroit is going down. The whole rescue package is just so hopeless. I remember when American cars were still attractive. Cadillacs were the family car, my dad’s one life-long fetish, bought used for second-hand glamor. That was until the oil crises hit, when he got sensible and we got a VW beetle and then later […]