I’m looking forward to hearing from you

Here’s another chant, this one created on the spot in Paderborn at Benteler (for Akademie für Sekretariat und Büromanagement).
Hi ladies 🙂 !

Snap your fingers to anchor the +ing in your memory.

I’m looking forward to seeing you
I’m looking forward to meeting
I’m looking forward to hearing
from you
I’m looking forward to talking
to you.

Why? “To” is a preposition here, and prepositions are followed by +ing

I’m looking forward to +ing (informal, expresses feeling)
I look forward to +ing (more formal expession)
Look forward to +ing (informal email)

cul8r! See you later

language focus: verb + preposition + -ing

How long have you been here?

Management Circle offered a business communication seminar for management assistants in Frankfurt that I had the privilege to teach. They do a really professional job of organising these events. My students, Astrid, Christine, Elke, Petra, Sladana and Theresia were such a pleasure to be with. Two days are obviously very short, but I have the impression that they left the seminar highly motivated to apply their new skills. I tried not to slay them with input, which of course is always the danger with these short intensive courses. Overall, I’m very pleased with how things went.

Here’s a chant I used in this seminar which is really effective. Grammar needs to be “automated”, you shouldn’t be thinking about tenses when you talk – so that’s where chants shine. Continue reading How long have you been here?