I’ve just learned from Stan Carey what a snowclone is. Geoffrey Pullum developed the concept on Language Log back in 2004, for a clichĂ©d phrasal template that gets repeated in innumerable variants. Geoffrey Pullum: “I was looking at things like “In space, no one can hear you X”, where the customizability is that you get […]

New Yorker Animated Cartoons

Rod introduced me to the New Yorker Animated Cartoons podcast. Here are a few: You can get the New Yorker Animated Cartoons as a podcast on iTunes. The iPhone app on my iPhone sometimes stalls – pity! But the podcast is better anyway.


I’ve stuck a comics widget onto this page (Flash Player needed), because maybe like me you love comics. The comics page was the second page I read in the Washington Post after glancing at the headlines. I think my favorite has always been B.C., maybe because I like the idea of philosophical cavemen. Bill Waterson’s […]

Oof! Thud! Ow!

A while ago I did something for Spotlight on sound words in comics. Wish I’d seen this cute strip by Matt Madden, author of  “99 Ways to Tell a Story” (2005), a really interesting exercises-in-style book, in his blog beforehand: PS: Did you notice how the little girl says “falled” instead of “fallen”? See, that’s […]