Life is a zoo

There are lessons to be learned at the zoo, especially from our new favorite animal, the tapir. Ms. Tapir tries to turn on her honey with high pitched squeals and a delicate spray of urine which she shoots straight out from her surprising rear atomizer. Each to his own. We were charmed by the gay ducks, and wish gays of all kinds a very happy marriage. By the way, the elephant cows have thrown out one of the headstrong bulls. Wize matriarchs.

A neat cave of my own

Things are changing. I used to have a very regular schedule connected to weekly classes that allowed me to organize myself. It was Monday?  OK, so I had my MVHS evening classes – that was a regular slot for about 5 years – and one, two or three one-to-one clients during the day, who would sometimes cancel at short notice. My fixed schedule was laid down by company courses and the schools I taught at, and variable appointments with clients who needed more flexibility filled up the rest. Every day had a personality connected to the very different types of courses I would be teaching and people I would be seeing.  Continue reading A neat cave of my own

Bear ways

bearIt’s all my fault. We had a bear visit our cabin the other day. It was in the early evening, the sun was still up and I was down by the water when I heard some loud thumps up in the woods, and thought, “Hey, that’s funny, maybe our neighbor has come back early.”

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