Question: Which skill would you like to develop?

There comes a time when you realize that you’ve been working hard in one direction or area and have become quite good at what you do. Generally it happens in the middle of what my husband Helmut calls “die Schuftphase” (when you’re slaving away at full throttle). So you’re being very productive in your current position. That’s a critical time, because when you start marking time – or not moving forward – you really need to ask yourself what comes next.

Have you thought about developing any special skill, something that you haven’t had time for before? It might be work related; you might want to skill up. But equally likely it will be more general and have to do with opening up new vistas. I’m thinking about a few different areas I’d like to develop. I’ll tell you about them in this week’s podcast. How about you? Write or tell me whether you are thinking about professional development or perhaps about getting more involved with a hobby of yours. Or could it be that you’ve already started?

to slave away – schuften, malochen, sich abrackern
at full throttle – mit Vollgas
to mark time – auf der Stelle treten
to skill up – zusätzliche Fertigkeiten erwerben
to open up new vistas – neue Perspektiven auftun

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