iPhone blues

The Onion, that great fake newspaper, reports on some of iPhone 3G’s most highly anticipated features:

  • Nanotechnology enables it to reassemble itself when thrown against a wall
  • An exclusive link to Google Street View lets you watch yourself using your iPhone at all times
  • The iPhone takes Polaroids
  • When moved from hand to ear, it makes Lightsaber sound effects

I’d love to have one. Oh, well. Mahalo Daily reports that it has some weaknesses… Continue reading iPhone blues

A Valentine to Animal

In case you’re wondering, “Animal” is one of the Muppets. My favorite Muppet, in fact. Frank Oz, his creator, said that Animal is about sex, sleep, food, drums and pain. Sometimes Animal eats his drums, so food is not all that important. Animal was cult when I was a teen, so I’ve decided to write him a valentine. Continue reading A Valentine to Animal