Kishi Bashi

Wow. Kishi Bashi. I hadn’t seen the ads, instead discovering him through Paste Magazine. All that attention to detail, craftsmanship and polish. Animal Collective meets Andrew Bird and classical Japanese music.

They are hosting a video-based riddle contest for idioms like

  • wearing _ _ _ _ h _ _ _ _  _ _  your  _ _ _ _ _ _”
  • “x” _ _ _ _ _ the  _  _ _ _
  • _ _ _ ‘ s knees
  • _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ driver

You’ll find the gap-fill here and the video here:

Some answers and associations:

to be framed, It’s all Greek to me, paint it black, the elephant in the room, be the spitting image, back seat driver, ride shotgun, eye candy, free ticket, it costs an arm and a leg, give me a hand, buy a lemon, throw someone a bone, he’s got your number, bite the bullet, (the) truth is written all over his face, (it’s the) bee’s knees, bird’s eye view, hell in a basket, A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, break a leg, birds of a feather flock together, kill two birds with one stone, X marks the spot, kick the bucket,  a penny for your thoughts, piece of cake, icing on the cake, have your cake and eat it too, (have) a bone to chew, when pigs fly, key to my heart, once in a blue moon…

To use in class, here are many of the idioms on cards:

Concert on KEXP:

I’m in the doghouse

I’m in the doghouse with Google – they’ve taken my site off for 30 days because it was hacked and so I don’t meet their standards. My personal Lent – at least it’s not 40 days 🙂

Englisch lernen/ BC: animated explanation of the idiom “I’m in the doghouse” here.

Why are poor outsiders called “dogs”? “Slumdog Millionaire” is causing anger in India because of the word “dog”. Maybe over there a dog has a real “dog’s life”. But all of the dogs I know have it really good.