Lisa’s popup book

OK, still listening to Lisa Hannigan (myspace), since I can take lots of melancholy when I want to relax. But I’m posting this because of her beautiful popup book (by Jamie Hannigan and Maeve Clancy).

The Obamas on the New Yorker

The liberal New Yorker tried its hand at satire this week. Michelle in combat fatigues, Barack dressed like bin Laden and a picture of same on the wall, as the stars and stripes burn in the Oval Office fireplace. The liberal part of the blogosphere is not laughing. Should we lighten up? I don’t know. […]

Maurice Sendak turns 80

Maurice Sendak, writer and illustrator of immortal children’s books, turns 80 today. He finds that children’s experiences in particular—joy and discovery, fear and suffering—are among the purest and strongest ones there are. And children recognize that he is truly talking to them. For me, “Where the Wild Things Are” picked up where “Beauty and the […]

The 200th Daily Monster

Say goodbye to the last of the Daily Monsters by Stefan Bucher. Farewell, my lovelies! What will this interesting graphic designer do next?

Flying with the Penguins

“Last winter, I found a penguin,” explains the storyteller. He says that the penguin knew how to fly until “he met some other birds. They said, ‘Penguins can’t fly.’ And he thought, ‘They’re right.’ That’s when he crashed.” Lots of coaching follows, but the penguin just can’t do it. Then, incredibly, he sees a flock […]