John McCain: Thanks for the question, you little jerk

mccain-vanityfairThis fake cover made fun of things Senator McCain is, whereas the famous New Yorker cover made fun of things Senator Obama is not. Oof. Ageism is the chauvinism of youth, and Senator McCain has had to defend himself (which he does with humor, see video below).  He’s funny, and yes, his age is funny, too. There’s a website dedicated to Things Younger than McCain. The way I see it, John McCain is not really old, but he certainly is old enough to be what we call an “elder statesman“. Known for wisdom, not new ideas. I’ll be happy to see Senator McCain anyplace but in the White House. Because age is not the real issue here. But come on, now, let’s have a few laughs:
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The Obamas on the New Yorker

new-yorkerThe liberal New Yorker tried its hand at satire this week. Michelle in combat fatigues, Barack dressed like bin Laden and a picture of same on the wall, as the stars and stripes burn in the Oval Office fireplace. The liberal part of the blogosphere is not laughing. Should we lighten up? I don’t know. I think the Obamas can take it. But then, with friends like these, who needs enemies?

try your hand at something – sich an etwas üben
combat fatigues – Kampfbekleidung
lighten up – es leicht nehmen
(be able to) take it – es verkraften

Maurice Sendak turns 80

Maurice Sendak, writer and illustrator of immortal children’s books, turns 80 today. He finds that children’s experiences in particular—joy and discovery, fear and suffering—are among the purest and strongest ones there are. And children recognize that he is truly talking to them. For me, “Where the Wild Things Are” picked up where “Beauty and the Beast” left off. In Sendak’s cosmos, monsters are moody, melancholy beasts that a child can tame and overcome. Max’ order, “Let the wild rumpus start!” is quite possibly the best invitation to a party ever. (Sendak has fans at Lesekreis.) Sendak is still going strong…


Pop-up book 2007: Mommy?
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Flying with the Penguins

“Last winter, I found a penguin,” explains the storyteller. He says that the penguin knew how to fly until “he met some other birds. They said, ‘Penguins can’t fly.’ And he thought, ‘They’re right.’ That’s when he crashed.” Lots of coaching follows, but the penguin just can’t do it. Then, incredibly, he sees a flock of flying penguins (!) and without thinking about it, just goes ahead. “Suddenly, my penguin stretched out his wings, pushed off, and joined them in the air. He flew pretty well… for a penguin.” – Sebastian Meschenmoser, Fliegen Lernen (German 2005, English 2006) Continue reading Flying with the Penguins