Vote for Beppe

Italy is voting for a prime minister for the 62nd time since the end of the second world war, and unless a miracle occurs, it will elect Belusconi for a third term. Oh, Italy! North of the Alps we are having a very hard time understanding how a man who has no qualms whatsoever about connecting his business and political interests and expanding his media monopoly can be elected to replace the solid and hardworking Prodi. But on the other hand, as an American, what can I say? We voted for Bush – twice.

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Pizza EU

I confess: I love pizza – the pizza service kind. Finding good recipes and cooking a fine, wholesome meal is great, and so is going out for dinner. But sometimes nothing beats snuggling up with my sweetheart and eating something we’ve ordered through the internet, which some poor bugger has to climb five flights of stairs to bring us.

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