An inside job Play in new window | DownloadThe election is over and it’s red wine in the evening and discussing the important things of life. I read a nice article in TIME by Nancy Gibbs about the temperament of past presidents where she contrasted McCain with Obama, and said the latter won “on style and disposition”. […]

A is for Alpha

You women out there, do you ever wonder why you play second fiddle to the men at work? Maybe, like me, you tend to break one of the unwritten codes of male business behavior.

Miller auditions

“Selling yourself” is extremely embarrassing and humiliating, right? This poor bear sure thinks so. See the Miller Audition ad by Spike Jonze (spoofing the Budweiser ads that used animals). If you’re “just” interviewing for a job, hey, at least you’re not auditioning as an animal actor.

The Job

“The Job”, a short film by Jonathan Browning, Screaming Frog Productions 2007 takes a fresh new look at the immigrant labor debate:

Going Pink

Writing a job application is a basic skill that needs continuous improvement. As you go through professional life, you keep redefining your professional identity and updating your CV, job objectives and career goals to go with it. The best practical guide for career soul-searching is probably still Richard Bolles’ job hunter’s bible, “What Color is Your Parachute”. But Daniel Pink has just published a career guide called “The Adventures of Johnny Bunko”, and it’s a manga comic that tells the story of how one man learns to thrive in the world of work.