The Love Competition

A wonderful experiment, set up as a competition: Six people subject themselves to a brainscan while they think of someone they love. As they concentrate fully, the dopamine, the serotonin and the oxytosin wash through their brain, showing up in the scan. This is not only a beautiful study on kinds of love, it’s also […]

My wing

Happy anniversary sweetheart! Never mind the pictures, the blurb on YouTube says this is Monte Montgomery‘s version of Jimi Hendrix’s Little Wing, played on an Alvarez-Yairi DY-62c acoustic/electric guitar.

Love in a Backward World

This five-minute film tells the story of a couple who spot each other on a crowded street and fall in love. Although everyone else in the world around them moves backwards, they move forward, and so find each other. For Angela & Ulrich.

A Valentine to Animal

In case you’re wondering, “Animal” is one of the Muppets. My favorite Muppet, in fact.