Better visuals for college presentations

An open letter to my Public Management students on how to improve their visuals. Better visuals, better use of text, plus self-assessment: Are your ideas “Made to Stick?”

Conductors are managers

Helmut and I loved Itay Talgam‘s presentation of famous conductors and their styles, from the TED conference in Oxford. It’s actually not just a mirror of styles of management, it’s also a prism of culture, as control is organized in very different ways. So, which of the conductors appeals most to you: Carlos Kleiber, Ricardo […]

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Feeling a bit out of sorts with your job or looking for orientation? That’s a good time to do a questionnaire like MTBI, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. That’s a test HR managers and headhunters love to use. It’s based on C. G. Jung’s analysis of how we make decisions, with its opposite pairs: thinking […]

Scrutinizing Scrum

A few months ago I first heard about agile planning methods in software development from Christian and now Helmut is busy reading up on Scrum. Scrum is a project management method which focusses completely on the customer and the quality of the product. How? It progresses in very short cycles to develop a product and checks that progress consistently.

Nobody’s perfect

I was walking through the TUM the other day when I saw a label above a nice architectural exhibit showing a building project, which read, “Der Zweck der Planung ist die Realisierung.” How very German that sentence is: three nouns and no real verb, like a stone temple of language.