Did you follow the story this week about how Kanye West upstaged Taylor Swift as she was collecting her MTV award, and made a fool of himself in the process? Now, I happen to have have very strong feelings about excited men stealing a woman’s fifteen seconds of fame, as I have four older brothers […]

Sexist quip of the day

Men need space to roam. Women need a room of their own (thank you, Virginia Wolf). Ok, and so how does it sound the other way around: Women need space to roam and men need a room of their own? Everyone needs both – right? So when will the old stereotypes fade?

Gifts men make

Dave Barry collects gifts “For the Naughty” (Washington Post, 30 November 2008) – gifts to end gift-giving – and writes: But it is a fact that as the holiday season approaches, women are overpowered by the biological urge to buy bulk quantities of gifts, often without any clear idea whom a specific gift is for. […]