Christopher Cross: Sailing

This softest of easy-listening songs, a no. 1 hit in 1980 and later covered by N’Sync, is an anthem for people who love the sport. I’m in Croatia with ABC Wassersport this week, so I thought this might be a fitting message to you.


Bring your sunglasses and your hat, because we’re going sailing. Is this your maiden voyage (Jungfernfahrt)? Then watch this video by Mahalo Daily to learn how to hoist the mainsail (Groß hochziehen), use the tiller (Pinne) to steer the boat, come about (wenden) … and watch your head when the boom (Baum) comes across. Ready? […]

Into the wind

Sailing is my switch, my release, my heaven. A good day on the water is all I need to get back my wings, to expand my range of vision, to put things back into perspective. It’s marvelous to be suspended between the water and the air, feeling the tug of the updrift and the slap of the waves, reading the sky and the water, deep in conversation with the elements.