BigDialog: Ask the President-Elect, a cross-partisan partnership of academics, bloggers, and e-communities invites President-Elect Barack Obama to answer the people’s questions. The eCitizen Foundation (a Massachusetts non-profit) along with its partners and supporters, including Bill Mitchell of MIT and Lawrence Lessig of Stanford, are asking people to pose and prioritize text and video questions for Mr. Obama. The questioners behind the top three questions will be flown to MIT in mid-December, receive a tour of the MIT Media Lab, and engage in a networked event with the Obama transition team, subject to the terms and conditions found on the eCitizen Foundation’s website.

White House online

young and restless

Aren’t they lovely? The average campaign donation for Obama was 83 dollars. This time you know who the money came from.

The picture is ripped from the print edition of the article “Young and Restless” in the Financial Times of 24 October, which sweetened my ride home last night. Here is one section that will be interesting to those of you involved in media democracy and e-government:


Barack Obama has used the power of the internet to transform the way election campaigns are run – and if he wins the White House next month he is thought likely to use the web to transform the presidency, writes Rebecca Knight. Continue reading White House online

3 Quarks Daily

This great “filter blog” edited by S. Abbas Raza collects the writings of people in the arts and sciences. If you think the world has run out of ideas, go there. Yesterday it featured an article reporting that Iranian female students have been secretly reading Nabokov’s Lolita. Habermas, Kant, Arendt, Mill, Camus are hugely popular there. How subversive these marvellous, formative, liberal Western texts must be for minds coming of age in a theocracy! (See The Fighting Faith.)

Then, today 3 Quarks Daily reports on a writing project at Penguin Books telling stories based on classics using interactive media such as GoogleMaps and Twitter. (See We tell stories)

On Mondays the 3 Quarks Daily editors post their own writings (collected here.) Yes to viral thinking ;-)!


NASA. The icy blue eyes are the cores of two merging galaxies.

The pleasant poetry of Genesis

the creation of adam

The 1925 trial against John Scopes for teaching the theory of evolution in Tennessee was the first U.S. trial to be broadcast on national radio and is still making waves. Today many of the states in the US require public schools to teach the creation of the world according to the book of Genesis on par with Darwin’s theory of evolution. Continue reading The pleasant poetry of Genesis