Madeleine Peyroux: The Kind You Can’t Afford

Don’t stress out over gifts. Madeleine Peyroux – The Kind You Can’t Afford Written by Madeleine Peyroux and Bill Wyman from ‘Standing On The Rooftop’ released 26 May 2011 You got palatial mansions, I got rented flat. You got Persian kittens, I got tabby cat. You got art collections, I got comic books. You use […]

Joy. I’m done

I’m done. The book is done, as far as I am concerned. It’s off to the printers on 18 December. Oh, joy. Now I’m ready for Christmas. Tracey Thorn: Joy From: Tinsel and Lights (2012) When someone very dear Calls you with the words “Everything’s all clear” That’s what you want to hear But you […]

Donald Fagan: Snowbound

Big storm Xaver over Northern Germany is announcing it’s winter. I’ve just moved all the plants indoors and tied things down. Hoping for snow. “Snowbound” (1993) from Fagan’s second solo album Kamakiriad continues the concept story, a road trip sometime in the future. The song describes being in a city in winter weather with bad […]

Joe South: The Games People Play

Thanks to Chris’s comment I listened to Joe South’s song ‘Games People Play’ (1968) and spent time thinking about its lyrics (below). Here’s also Cajun original version to dance to. We love the bass player. Oh the games people play every night and every day Never meaning what they say never saying what they mean […]

Eva / Louis: What a wonderful world

My favorite rendition of this classic of 1967/68 is Eva Cassidy’s last performance at the Bayou. Did you know the message was political? I was thinking of her music this past weekend, when we had the second half of our intercultural train the trainer course with Judith Mader and Rudi Camerer of ELC, and I […]

Space Oddity/ Chris Hadfield

Commander Chris Hadfield, the Canadian astronaut, returned home on 14 May. He rerecorded David Bowie’s Space Oddity in flight… and describes the landing. David Bowie (and Chris Hadfield’s changes) Ground control to Major Tom Ground control to Major Tom Take your protein pills (lock your Soyuz hatch) and put your helmet on Ground control to […]

Come, wanton spring!

This has been the coldest spring on record. They say temperatures are going up to 9 degrees this week. Come, wanton spring! Talk Talk – April 5th from The Colour of Spring, 1985/6 Here she comes Silence in her sound Here she comes Fresh upon the ground Come gentle spring Come at winter’s end Gone […]