Madeleine Peyroux: The Kind You Can’t Afford

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Don’t stress out over gifts.

Madeleine Peyroux – The Kind You Can’t Afford
Written by Madeleine Peyroux and Bill Wyman
from ‘Standing On The Rooftop’
released 26 May 2011

You got palatial mansions,
I got rented flat.
You got Persian kittens,
I got tabby cat.

You got art collections,
I got comic books.
You use plastic surgery,
I stay the way I look.

You travel private jet,
I stand by overnight.
You romance with chandeliers,
I use candlelight

But there’s one thing I got more
When I’m rich, you’re poor
It’s that real good lovin’,
The kind you can’t afford.

While you’re enjoying banquets,
I’m eating café snacks.
You’re in designer clothing,
I’m in plastic Macs.

Sippin’ on a Napolean Brandy?
I’m slinging a can of beer.
Packing matching luggage?
I’m mostly staying here.

Your educated accent
might beat the local slang.
Don’t bet your staff and servants
Against my backstreet gang.


Your dinner jacket’s and ballroom gown’s
No warmer than my jeans.
No more filling than a can of beans.

Go to your classic concerts,
I’ll be with the local band.
Keep your brand-new everything,
I’ll keep my second hand.

In your fitted bathroom,
I got my water tap.
You think I’m full of envy?
I think you’re full of crap.


It’s the kind you can’t afford
… a certain kind …

The stocks and shares
I got savin’ stamps
You feed the wealthy
I feed the local tramps

Cruising in a new Mercedes?
I’m broke down in a Ford.
You’re on a yacht,
I’m on a surfing board.


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