Good gig

Never thought I would stay overnight in the red-light district of Frankfurt. Hotel Nizza is absolutely charming. Beautiful ceiling and bathroom fixtures, excellent bed, rugs, wooden floors, antiques, wireles LAN. A little roof terrace looks up onto the majestic skyscrapers. I checked in just before midnight in front of, what, an actress, probably, with a big bouquet of red roses. People at breakfast, at ease, reading. Just outside yesterday morning a black hooker in yellow platform shoes. That will do fine for a sunrise. Then two days of teaching inside Norman Foster’s beautiful Commerzbank HQ. A good gig.

Aloha Hawaii

leiAloha in Hawaiian means affection, love, peace, compassion and mercy. Since the middle of the 19th century, it also has come to be used as a greeting to say goodbye and hello.

Hawaii was annexed to the USA on July 7th, 1898 – ah, our glorious colonial past! – and became the 50th state in August 1959. What a catch it was: Pineapple and macadamia nuts, coffee beans and bananas, hibiscus and anthurium, ginger and sandlewood.

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