Barack Obama had saved his biggest Virginia rally for last. For his conclusion, he told one of his favorite inspirational stories. It’s about a long drive, a rainy day and how one person can make a difference. It ends with Obama leading a cheer of “Fired up, Ready to Go!” Democracy won. Americans were voting […]

Get in the groove to vote

Michael Hussein Gregory lyrics here Free stuff being donated to get out the vote today: Krispy Kreme is donating a donut  krispykreme.com Shop at a discount in NYC…   racked.com …and get a free vibrator in NYC or Seattle 😉   babeland.com Or how about free body piercings in Missouri?   ktvo.com

There’s noone as Irish as…

I’m playing hooky today but will be back next week with a podcast on our new president. Until then please enjoy this: Thanks, Silke 🙂

Hockey mama

Oh god, do I love youtube 🙂 dipstick = Arschgeige

2008 ballot

Yeah, I’ve got mail! The Washington, DC ballot (you see just a cutout) is rather short. No sheriff. But we do vote for the city council, a senator and a representative, members of the school board and a neighborhood advisory commissioner (responsible for traffic, parking, recreation, street improvements, liquor licenses, zoning, economic development, police protection, […]