From my back office compact course: Susan is interviewing Karin about her job. Help them with their language.
Mouse over but don’t click on the highlighted text in the version you think is correct. If you see “yes” you have got it right.

Susan: What do you do / do you work?
Karin: I’m a team assistant. / I’m team assistant.
Susan: Like you / Do you like the job?
Karin: Yes, I like it. / Yes, I do.
Susan: What exactly are you doing / do you do?
Karin: I coordinate the work of / from the marketing department. It’s really interesting.
Susan: I can imagine. How long do you work / have you been working there?
Karin: Since / For about three and a half years.
Susan: And what have you done/ did you do before your current job?
Karin: I worked / was working as a personal assistant in another company.
Susan: Really? Why did you change jobs / the job?
Karin: Well, I earn more money at / by my current company, for one thing.
Susan: I see. / Of course.
Karin: The job is also a little more interested / interesting.
Susan: How often are you going / do you go on vacation?
Karin: Well, I’m off for two weeks once in a year/ once a year, usually in August.
Susanne: How good / well do you get along with your colleagues?
Karin: Oh, they’re very nice / nicely. But they’re also very busy.
Susanne: What’s the best thing / the best about your job?
Karin: I enjoy using / to use my head. And I’m good at / in organizing.
Susanne: Ok! What do you do / are you doing at the moment?
Karin: We are meeting / meeting us later to plan the next trade fair.
Susanne: What time do you meet / are you meeting?
Karin: This afternoon / Today afternoon at 2.
Susanne: Oh, well, then – don’t let me keep you / hold you from your work.
Karin: That’s OK.  It was fine / nice talking to you.

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