PostSecret is a collaborative art project by Frank Warren, who invites you and me, anyone and everyone to share a secret, written and drawn and sent in anonymously on a postcard, which he posts in his blog and turns into art exhibits. Every card tells a story in a nutshell. Here is his latest video describing the project, entitled “Sunday Secrets”:

The song featured in the video is “The Chorus”, by Donora.
The lyrics:

It’s alright if you cry and cover your eyes.
It’s ok if you scream like a girl
I won’t tell anyone if you promise the same.
Cause I’m scared of the whole world.
It’s alright if you sigh, put your head next to mine.
It’s ok if you curl up in a ball,
cause I might give it a try and end in the same condition after all.
(It goes) Oh oh oh oh oh oh…

Is it alright if I’m sad and feeling let down?
Is it ok if I’m not myself again?
Will you love me the same if I promise to breathe and count from 1 to 10?
Is it alright if I lose track of the world?
Is it ok if I hide from the unknown?
Will you tell me again the story about how I’m not alone?
(It goes) Oh oh oh oh oh oh…

Walk away from the life you want and sing the chorus of the broken hearted.

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