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Things Germans say wrong

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1.    My chief is in a meeting.
2.    She’s a very engaged worker.
3.    I can’t understand what you’re saying. There’s something wrong with the hearer.
4.    She’s a sympathetic woman, I really like her.
5.    He works in the pharmaceutical branch.
6.    I jobbed as a temp before I started working here.
7.    I’ll send your confirmation per fax.
8.    I’m sorry, I overheard what you said. Could you say it again, please?
9.    When does your machine land?
10.    I’ll become the fish and the salad.
11.    I don’t like watching synchronized films – I prefer the original version with subtitles.
12.    I’d like to welcome you to our company on behalf of the direction.
13.    Here at the company people are supposed to dress decently.
14.    I’m a little irritated because I can’t find your file here. Are you sure you sent it?
15.    He’s a bit sensible on that issue, so I wouldn’t mention it if I were you.
16.    Could you please sign here at the bottom of the formula?
17.    We’re planning a representative new building.
18.    I still have a staple of work to do, so I’ll be here for another two hours.
19.    I’m a chief secretary.
20.    Sign on the backside, please.
21.    Did you become my message?
22.    Is this telephone number still actual?
23.    I might eventually be able to book you on an earlier flight.
24.    We’d like to spend you a nice dinner.
25.    I made my commercial training in Augsburg.


Photo: Gabi Schoenemann, www.pixelio.de

Language focus: German/English false friends in business English


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