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Die Grünen hybrider Kongress 2021

Hybrid courses

In the summer of 2021, I had the pleasure of attending a hybrid congress in Berlin: Die Grünen were kicking off their election campaign. The

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It’s the end of summer, we’re back home from long days in the sun and on the water, and it’s back to classes and many

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Talk at BESIG 2021 for Cornelsen

Managing your hybrid course with Cornelsen’s Basis for Business Summary This 30-minute talk aimed to give Business English trainers an overview of lessons learned in

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A favorite student of mine uses at the time when he really wants to say at the moment. Here are some correct models:

  • At the moment I’m getting ready to teach my second compact seminar for Management Circle. The last one was in spring. I was learning to work my new laptop at the time.
  • I started my teaching career at a private school. We were living in Siegen at the time. I’m not teaching at any schools at the moment.

Notice how “at the time” goes with the continuous form, so it sets the scene for an incident that happened during that period. Create your own personal sentence to remember phrases like this.  Or anchor it in your memory like this:anch

now =  a moment = at the moment

then = a long time ago = at the time


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