The end of Bush

“Can you sense it? Do you feel the deep tingle? Because amid the fiscal meltdown and Obama’s stunning poll numbers and the stress of the election, this staggering fact: George W. Bush is nearly done. He will soon be gone forever, America’s most spectacularly incompetent footnote, the oily residue left on the pavement after his administration’s giant Hummer of ineptitude is finally hauled to the crusher.
It is, to put it mildly, a bizarre feeling. Surreal. Disorienting. After all, the nightmare has lasted so long. This wound has been raw and open for years. ” – Mark Morford, “Sodomy and Gratitude,” San Francisco Chronicle

Goddamn it, yes. Read Mark Morford’s nine perfect ways to prepare for the end of Bush, including travelling to Europe, planning to go to the gay weddings that will now take place, and reading more for an improved national dialog:

“What, don’t believe in that like-attracts-like, up-your-vibration, collective-consciousness hippie crap? How sad for you. And your fellow Republicans.”

Hey, I have to go to California one day. They don’t talk about politics like that in Washington.

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